open source event based lambda programming for kubernetes

This project is now sandboxed!

Red Hat no longer invests in this open source project

If you are looking for a native kubernetes based FaaS we recommend kubeless or openwhisk


lets install the platform and a connector:

$ funktion install platform
$ funktion install connector timer

now lets create a function and bind it to a flow of events:

$ funktion create fn -n myfunk -s 'module.exports = function(context, callback) { callback(200, "Hello, world!\n"); }'
$ funktion create flow timer://bar?period=5000 http://myfunk/

if we have some javascript files in a folder called src called src we can apply them and watch the files via the -w flag. Then we can just edit the source files directly and the function runtime will update dyanmically:

$ funktion apply -f src -w

view the logs of the function:

$ funktion logs hello

debug the JavaScript using Chrome:

$ funktion debug fn hello -c

Forwarding from -> 5858
Forwarding from [::1]:5858 -> 5858

To Debug open: chrome-devtools://devtools/bundled/inspector.html?experiments=true&v8only=true&ws=                    


Create Functions in any programming language and have them exposed automatically over HTTP/HTTPS.

Create Flows to subscribe from over 200 event sources to invoke your function including most databases, messaging systems, social media and other middleware and protocols.